1) Applicability of the terms and conditions

The FixAnyPhoto Terms and Conditions are applicable to our website. By using this site, you agree to the company’s terms. FixAnyPhoto reserves the right to modify any portion of these terms and conditions at any time.

The client may avail of any services, such as background removal services, clipping path services and high-end photo retouching. Once an order is placed, the Client hereby agrees to the existing terms and conditions. Please read our TAC properly its help you and our company.

2) Conclusion of the contract

Client shall give FixAnyPhoto the order to perform retouching of images and other photo editing services needed. The contract shall be enforced once both parties agree on the order and price quotation from FixAnyPhoto. Please contact us for further info no hesitate for any query

3) Payment Terms and Methods

Payment shall be based on the agreed quotation sent by FixAnyPhoto to the Client and valid on the date stated on the contract. The price quote and payment shall be in US Dollars. Payment shall be due without any deduction upon the Client’s receipt of the delivery and invoice.  

The company shall accept payments only via MasterCard, PayPal, Visa cards, Bank transfers, Wise & others. As you payment others method please inform our support.

4) Offsetting of Services

The client can claim for offsetting the services only when its claims are legally applicable or have been acknowledged in writing by the company. Otherwise, offsetting is not possible.

5) Retention of title

The order delivered to the Client shall remain FixAnyPhoto property until all payments are settled.

6) Seal of Quality

At FixAnyPhoto, we bring the utmost quality to our clients and in any event, when the latter is not satisfied with the final output, we will consider doing corrections and adjustments for no additional payment. Client shall notify the company in writing within 2 days upon receipt of the order for any evident defect made by post-processing the image. Beyond the said period, claiming of defects shall be dismissed.
A delivery shall only be deemed defective if it does not conform to the technical standards of image editing services. Color differences shall not be identified as defects. Furthermore, a loss in quality of the final delivery due to previous quality issues (poor original file) shall not be classified as defective. An order shall not be deemed defective when it is outside the agreed services to be rendered. If the original instruction is to only remove bg, then no defects shall be claimed not related to background removal.

7) Liability

fixanyphoto shall not be liable for damages beyond its control, such as but not limited to system failure, interruption of data transmission and other online communication disturbances. The company shall take liability only for damages proven to be originally caused by Fixanyphoto.

8) Obligations of Client

The client shall be responsible for the contents sent to fix any photo. The latter shall reserve the right to reject orders containing child pornography, race discrimination, infringement of other parties’ rights or other punishable contents.

9) Copyrights

The client is assumed to have copyrights of the images sent to fix any photo for photo retouching. The latter shall assume no liability for any infringement cases that may arise due to the usage of the photos.

10) Customer Support

For customer support on account- and payment-related questions (“Customer Support Queries”), please get in touch with our Customer Service department at support@fixanyphoto.com. We will use reasonable endeavours to respond to all Customer Support Queries within a reasonable time frame. Still, we make no guarantees or warranties of any kind that any Customer Support Queries will be responded to within any particular time frame and/or that we will be able to satisfactorily answer any such queries within a few time.

11) Promotional Offers and Discounts

FAP may have offers in the form of coupon codes or other means. FAP reserves the right to cancel promotional offers or discounts without assigning any reason.

12) Turnaround Time

When a Client selects a turnaround time when placing an order, that time begins after the Client has finished uploading all of the images to be edited. The time does not begin when the order is submitted.

13)Fix Any Photo to protect my intellectual property rights

Fix Any Photo protects your intellectual property rights through strict measures such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement, acknowledging your copyright ownership, secure storage of your images, limited access to your images, and image deletion after project completion. They can also add a watermark to your images upon request for added protection against unauthorized use. These measures ensure that your images are kept confidential and only accessible to authorized personnel while respecting your ownership and preventing unauthorized use.

14 Additional Drop Shipping Services

In addition to our core post-production services, FixAnyPhoto also offers a complementary drop shipping service in collaboration with Printful. We work with designers to create unique products for our customers, which are fulfilled and shipped by Printful. Please note that while we strive to maintain accurate inventory levels and promptly fulfill orders, certain products may be subject to availability and shipping delays beyond our control. By engaging in transactions with FixAnyPhoto, you acknowledge and understand that our drop shipping service with Printful is an integral part of our business and agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

General FAQs

 Our terms and conditions cover a range of policies and guidelines for using our photo editing services, including our pricing policies, turnaround times, refund policies, and revision policies. They also include information about our data protection practices and intellectual property rights policies.

Agreeing to our terms and conditions is required to use our photo editing services. Our terms and conditions outline the guidelines and policies for using our services and provide clarity on your responsibilities as a client.

Yes, you can review our terms and conditions on our website before using our services. We encourage all clients to read and understand our terms and conditions before placing an order.

At FixAnyPhoto terms and conditions, we take intellectual property rights seriously. Our terms and conditions outline our policies for protecting your intellectual property rights and provide details on how we handle copyright infringement claims.

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