Work Process

Fix Any Photo's work process
1st Step
Take Free Trial
Fix Any Photo's work process

A free trial might benefit both the retouching service provider and the clients. The trial allows retouchers to understand better the amount of time required to retouch an image, which may help in pricing. By taking a free trial, Clients can use the free trial to get an overview of the retouching service's quality and turnaround time. Once the free trial is completed, our global communication specialist works closely with the client to finalize the price and deadline for the project. This ensures that both parties understand the project's needs and can go forward confidently.

2nd Step
Upload Images to FTP Server
Fix Any Photo's work process

We allow clients to upload images to your FTP server. We offer a variety of ways for clients to upload their images to our FTP server. We understand that clients have their own preferences, so we provide options such as:


Google Drive,



MyAirBridge etc. 

Clients can choose the method that best suits their needs, whether it's for sending large files quickly, accessing cloud-based storage, or sending a few files via email. Whichever option they choose, clients can trust that their images will be securely and efficiently uploaded to our server for retouching. Global communication specialist takes the images from the client and send them to the production manager with clear instruction and a deadline.

3rd Step
Proceed With Production
Fix Any Photo's work process

After upload images to FTP server step, the production manager gives clear instructions to their retouchers for retouching. The production manager divides the workload among the retouchers and closely monitors their progress, ensuring that all tasks are completed within the set deadlineFix Any Photo ensures complete customer satisfaction and timely customer service throughout the production process, guaranteeing that clients receive their corrected images on time. Once the retouching process is complete, the retouchers pass the images to the senior retouchers for a thorough quality check.

4th Step
Quality Check
Fix Any Photo's work process

Fix Any Photo takes quality control seriously and has a dedicated team of senior retouchers who ensure that all retouched images meet clients high-quality standards. The senior retouchers examine every detail of the image, including color accuracy, lighting, and overall composition, to ensure that it meets the client's specifications and there are no errors or inconsistencies. If any issues are identified, the senior retouchers will work with the retouchers to address them and ensure that the final result meets our high standards.

Final Step
Download Your Photos
Fix Any Photo's work process

Once the senior retouchers have finished their quality check, the images are considered ready for delivery. At this point, we will send the final images to the client through the same method that they used to send us the original files. After downloading their photos, clients have the opportunity to provide feedback on the retouching work we have done. If any issues or concerns occurred, we work with thoes issues to resolve.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied with the final product.

General FAQs

The turnaround time for our work process depends on the complexity of the project and the volume of work. We provide estimated delivery times for each project based on its requirements. Our standard delivery time is 24-48 hours, but we also offer expedited delivery options for urgent projects.
Placing an order with Fix Any Photo is easy. Simply contact us on our website, and provide us with your requirements. Once we receive your order, we'll assign it to one of our editors to begin work on your project.
We provide a direct messaging system on our website that allows you to communicate with our team during the Fix Any Photo's work process. You can use this system to ask questions, provide feedback, and make requests.
At Fix Any Photo's work process, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the completed project, we'll make revisions until you're happy with the result. If we're unable to meet your requirements, we also offer a refund based on our refund policy guidelines.

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