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Ghost Mannequin Service


The fashion business frequently uses ghost mannequin services to provide enticing photographs of clothing items. Removing the mannequin from the image is known as the “invisible mannequin” or “hollow man” service. This service can assist in improving the look and professionalism of your product photos, which could increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The following are some of the advantages of using a service ghost mannequin  for your e-commerce or fashion business:

  • The service of ghost mannequins is eliminating the visible mannequin or model from the image, leaving only the clothing item. Customers can concentrate on the features of the item of clothing, such as the cut, fit, and design, without being distracted by the mannequin or model. The final image provided by the ghost mannequin service can help clients understand the products better.
  • The ghost mannequin service is especially beneficial for highlighting clothing product details like stitching, buttons, and zippers, which might be difficult to perceive while the product is being worn by a model or mannequin. This can assist clients to make better purchasing decisions while also improving overall product presentation.
  • A variety of things, including apparel, jewelry, accessories, and more, can be displayed on ghost mannequins. Its versatility makes it an invaluable tool for any product photographer or e-commerce website.
  • The use of ghost mannequins is a less expensive and more efficient alternative to traditional product photography. Retouching service providers may create high-quality product photos which advertise clothing items without the use of models or mannequins by using image editing techniques. Businesses can save time and money by not having to hire models or purchase mannequins for each product. Additionally, because the ghost mannequin service is often quicker than traditional product photography, businesses can benefit from a faster turnaround time for the product’s image development.

Work Sample

Ghost Mannequin Photoshop EditingGhost Mannequin Photoshop Editing


Basic Retouching

Starting From

$ 0.50 per photo
  • Capable of producing 3000 images per day
  • up to 50% Bulk Discount
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect

Medium Retouching

Starting From

$ 1.00 per photo
  • Capable of producing 2000 images per day
  • up to 40% Bulk Discount
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect

Complex Retouching

Starting From

$ ? Negotiable per photo
  • Capable of producing 1000 images per day
  • up to 30% Bulk Discount
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect

General FAQs

While ghost mannequin services already come with internal image masking, manipulation, etc. amenities, it's not unlimited. For creative enhancements outside the scope of the ghost mannequin effect in your images, you'll have to pursue the combined services accordingly.

Our pricing structure is divided into multiple categories depending on the editing complexity. However, normally, our very basic packages start from 0.45 cents/image only.

To gather proper info regarding the pricing, send in the images and ask for a quote for the required services. Our executives will go through the images and send back an overview of the estimated pricing as soon as possible.

The time required to complete ghost mannequin service depends on the complexity of the image and the number of images to be edited. However, most retouching service providers offer fast turnaround times ranging from a few hours to a few days.

Clipping path, image masking, and other image editing techniques are used for ghost mannequin service. These techniques involve  background removal, adjusting the color, contrast, and sharpness, and retouching any product flaws to create a visually appealing image.

Final Word

Ghost mannequin is a must-have tool for e-commerce and fashion businesses that want to present their products most appealingly and professionally possible. Businesses that use this service can increase their sales, save time and money, and provide their customers with a better visual representation of their products. Fix Any Photo is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accept orders and provide estimated quotes. On social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, a ghost mannequin service may be highly useful for boosting engagement, building a credible brand image, presenting product details, boosting sales, and saving time and money.