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wedding photo retouching services before wedding photo retouching services after
wedding photo retouching before wedding photo retouching after
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Basic Retouching

Starting From

$ 0.50 per photo
  • Capable of producing 3000 images per day
  • up to 50% Bulk Discount
  • Background Removal
  • Clipping Path
  • Color Change
  • Color Correction
  • Drop Shadow

Medium Retouching

Starting From

$ 0.90 per photo
  • All of Basic Retouching
  • Capable of producing 2000 images per day
  • up to 40% Bulk Discount
  • Image Masking
  • Original Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Wrinkles Remove

Complex Retouching

Starting From

$ ? Negotiable per photo
  • All of Medium Retouching
  • Capable of producing 1000 images per day
  • up to 30% Bulk Discount
  • High-End Retouching
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John Verheij
John Verheij
Your team is very good. Satisfied with editing, thanks
Morteanu Cristina
Morteanu Cristina
Kamil Masharfeh
Kamil Masharfeh
Timing was perfect and editing was great!
Rudesh Mehta
Rudesh Mehta
Just discovered this company who provides editing facility. Very quick and great edits.
wayas ali
wayas ali
Fix any photo they are very skilled. They had a real sense of intuition and creativity to complete both projects. They delivered on time and exceeded my expectations.
Rehadul Islam
Rehadul Islam
Ratu Rumana
Ratu Rumana
babba blu
babba blu
Raihan and his team are great!
Lucie Frantlová
Lucie Frantlová
Jsem velmi spokojená, rychlost, spolehlivost i vstřícnost, fotky zpracované dle požadavků a zadání.


Your wedding day is filled with magical moments, but sometimes the photos don’t quite capture the enchantment. Common issues like uneven lighting, blemishes, or distracting backgrounds can leave you with less-than-perfect pictures.

It’s disheartening when your cherished memories don’t reflect the beauty and love you felt on that special day. Your wedding album should tell a flawless story of your love story.

Discover the Magic of Our Wedding Photo Editing Service

  1. Picture-Perfect Memories: Our skilled team specializes in turning ordinary wedding photos editing into extraordinary keepsakes. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to flawless images that reflect the beauty of your special day.

  2. Radiant Portraits: We’ll make you and your partner look your absolute best. Our expert retouching will enhance your natural beauty, leaving you with radiant and magazine-worthy portraits.

  3. Distraction-Free Backgrounds: Distracting elements in the background are a thing of the past. With our service, you and your loved ones take center stage, ensuring that every photo tells your unique love story without distractions.

  4. Vibrant Colors: Our color correction techniques guarantee that the colors in your wedding attire, decorations, and surroundings pop vibrantly, just as you remember them. Your album will be a feast for the eyes.

  5. Eye-Catching Creativity: Want to add a touch of artistic flair? We offer creative effects and filters that can transform your photos into stunning works of art, reflecting your unique style and vision.

  6. Timeless Treasures: Your wedding album should be a treasure trove of memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Our Wedding Photos Editing Service ensures that every image captures the perfection and magic of your special day, preserving those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Your wedding day deserves nothing but the best, and we’re here to make it happen. Let’s create lasting memories together.

General FAQs

With advanced-level image masking, you can separate the elements by breaking down the image into multiple layers. After the layer with the necessary elements has been masked properly, simply crop out the parts with the interrupting guests i.e. unwanted elements to get rid of them.

It's comparatively pricier than basic retouching packages. However, if you don't select high-profile services such as the drop shadow effect, Photoshop liquefying, etc., you can easily curate pretty affordable deals as well.

Absolutely! You can provide specific instructions for individual photos, such as requesting black and white conversions, vintage effects, or any other creative edits that align with your preferences and wedding theme.

The time required to complete Wedding Photo Editing for a full wedding album depends on the number of photos and the complexity of the edits. However, we aim to deliver the retouched images within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring you can relive your special day without delay.

Yes, Wedding Photo Editing can correct lighting and exposure issues in poorly captured images, helping salvage precious moments and improving the overall quality of the photographs.

Yes, the edited wedding images are versatile and suitable for both online sharing, such as on social media and websites, as well as for printing high-quality photo albums, canvases, and other keepsakes.

The free trial will cost you 0$ without any commitment. Try it now