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Real Estate Photo Editing Service

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real estate photo editing real estate photo editing after
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Basic Retouching

Starting From

$ 1.00 per photo
  • Capable of producing 3000 images per day
  • up to 50% Bulk Discount
  • Background Removal
  • Clipping Path
  • Color Change
  • Color Correction
  • Drop Shadow

Medium Retouching

Starting From

$ 2.50 per photo
  • All of Basic Retouching
  • Capable of producing 2000 images per day
  • up to 40% Bulk Discount
  • Image Masking
  • Original Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Wrinkles Remove

Complex Retouching

Starting From

$ ? Negotiable per photo
  • All of Medium Retouching
  • Capable of producing 1000 images per day
  • up to 30% Bulk Discount
  • High-End Retouching
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John Verheij
John Verheij
Your team is very good. Satisfied with editing, thanks
Morteanu Cristina
Morteanu Cristina
Kamil Masharfeh
Kamil Masharfeh
Timing was perfect and editing was great!
Rudesh Mehta
Rudesh Mehta
Just discovered this company who provides editing facility. Very quick and great edits.
wayas ali
wayas ali
Fix any photo they are very skilled. They had a real sense of intuition and creativity to complete both projects. They delivered on time and exceeded my expectations.
Rehadul Islam
Rehadul Islam
Ratu Rumana
Ratu Rumana
babba blu
babba blu
Raihan and his team are great!
Lucie Frantlová
Lucie Frantlová
Jsem velmi spokojená, rychlost, spolehlivost i vstřícnost, fotky zpracované dle požadavků a zadání.

Description of Real Estate Photo Editing Service​

When it comes to buying and selling homes, real estate photo editing is the unsung hero. It’s that crucial element that can truly make a difference. See, top-notch images that manage to capture the true spirit of a property can either seal the deal or leave it hanging. Even the most skilled photographers might miss a few tricks in showcasing the property’s essence. And that’s where photo editing for properties steps in – to bridge that gap and bring out the property’s full potential.

At Fix Any Photo, we offer professional image retouching for real estate to improve the visual appeal of your property images. Our expert editors can bring out the best in your photos by correcting color, removing unwanted objects, and making any other required adjustments to make your images stand out.

We offer the following real estate photo editing services:
  • Color correction and enhancement: Our photo editors adjust real-estate image’s brightness, contrast, and saturation to create a consistent look and feel.
  • Object removal: We remove unwanted objects such as wires, outlets, and other distractions that can detract from the property image’s focus.
  • Sky replacement: If the weather conditions are not ideal during the photo shoot, we can replace the sky with a clear, blue one to improve the overall look of the real-estate image.
  • Virtual staging: Our team can do interior photo editing for real estate like adding furniture and decor to empty rooms to make them more inviting.
  • Image stitching: We can stitch together multiple images to create a panoramic view of the property.

Using our photo editing service for real estate, you can have visually stunning images that will help you stand out in the competitive real estate market. Please contact us today to learn more about our services.

General FAQs

Real Estate Photo Editing services often include sky replacement, object removal, virtual staging, HDR blending, perspective correction, and image retouching. These services ensure that property images are presented professionally and realistically.

Yes, Real Estate Photo Editing can virtually stage vacant rooms by adding furniture and decor to showcase the potential of the space, allowing potential buyers to visualize the property’s possibilities.

Absolutely! You can provide specific instructions for highlighting particular property features or amenities. Our editors will apply the necessary edits to showcase the property’s unique selling points effectively.

Yes, Real Estate Photo Editing can correct lighting issues and improve images taken in challenging lighting conditions to make them more visually appealing and representative of the property’s true potential.

The turnaround time for Real Estate Photo Editing depends on the number of images and the complexity of the edits required. However, we aim to deliver the edited images within a reasonable timeframe to meet your real estate marketing needs.

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