Newborn Photo Editing

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Newborn-baby-Photo-Retouching-4Newborn Retouching Service after
Newborn Photo Editing Services beforeNewborn Photo Editing Services after
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newborn photo editing services beforenewborn photo editing services after


Basic Retouching

Starting From

$ 0.60 per photo
  • Capable of producing 3000 images per day
  • up to 50% Bulk Discount
  • Background Removal
  • Clipping Path
  • Color Change
  • Color Correction
  • Drop Shadow

Medium Retouching

Starting From

$ 0.90 per photo
  • All of Basic Retouching
  • Capable of producing 2000 images per day
  • up to 40% Bulk Discount
  • Image Masking
  • Original Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Wrinkles Remove

Complex Retouching

Starting From

$ ? Negotiable per photo
  • All of Medium Retouching
  • Capable of producing 1000 images per day
  • up to 30% Bulk Discount
  • High-End Retouching


Newborn photo editing entails using various techniques to improve the images captured during a newborn photoshoot.

Here are some of the techniques used in newborn photo editing:
  • Skin Retouching:  When it comes to editing photos of those precious newborns, skin retouching takes center stage. We understand how delicate their skin is, so our focus is on giving it that extra touch of perfection. Think smoothing out the skin texture and gently erasing any blemishes or redness – all while keeping their innocence intact.
  • Color Correction: Newborns bring a burst of color into our lives, and we make sure it shines through in their photos. Color correction is our secret weapon, transforming images into vibrant wonders. This means tinkering with white balance, saturation, and contrast to ensure those colors pop just right.
  • Background Removal: The image’s background can be distracting or unappealing at times. In such cases, background removal can be performed to achieve a more professional and polished appearance.
  • Composite Editing: Composite editing involves combining two or more images to create a new image. This technique is often used in newborn photo editing to create unique and creative ideas.
  • Eye Enhancement: The eyes are an essential aspect of any photograph, especially newborn photography. Eye enhancement techniques can be used to make the baby’s eyes appear more open and bright and to remove any redness or discoloration from the image.
  • Head Swapping: In some cases, the baby may not be looking directly at the camera, or the position of the head may be unsuitable. Head swapping involves replacing the baby’s head in the image with another image where the head position is more ideal.
  • Noise Reduction: Image noise can be distracting and detract from the beauty of a newborn baby. Noise reduction techniques can be used to remove any noise in the image, producing a cleaner and more polished final product.

General FAQs

You don't always have to crop the image to direct positive focus toward the primary subject in the image.

Instead, play with the lighting, angles, perspectives, color schemes, etc. to ensure better focus.

Pixel discrepancies can take place due to bad resolution, problematic lighting, and bad formatting.

To prevent discrepancies, fix the preceding issues first.

Yep, our newborn retouching services come with in-house color change and correction services to brighten everything.

Neutral white, beige, baby pink, etc. backgrounds work extremely well with babies as they represent peace and quiet. However, many parents and marketing executives also really like over-the-counter backgrounds for creative reasons!

Always keep the parents or the nannies around for moral support. Most babies can't stay calm in a room full of unknown photographers and people. So, conduct the photoshoots in a minimalist set-up and don't keep lots of bystanders in the room i.e. avoid overcrowding constantly.

Final Word

Fix Any Photo, newborn photo editing service can enhance the beauty of the images captured during a newborn photoshoot and make them look even more stunning. With the right techniques and expertise, newborn photo editing can help to create beautiful and memorable images of newborn babies that parents will cherish for a lifetime. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us on social media like Facebook & LinkedIn.

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