5 Best Ghost Mannequin Retouching Service Providers 2023

ghost mannequin

If you’re looking for top Ghost Mannequin providers in 2023, you’re in for a wonderful treat! These organizations don’t just offer ghost mannequin services; they’re true experts at it, assisting you in creating gorgeous product shots that will impress your customers. In this blog, we will reveal the top five Companies for this year, as well as discuss what makes each of them unique. So, relax back and enjoy the great services offered by these the best Companies!

Do You Know What Is Ghost Mannequin?

Ghost mannequin

The ghost mannequin is a brilliant photography method that makes clothes look amazing without the need for a human or a visible mannequin in the frame. It’s like magic for fashion photography! 

2023 List of the Top 5 Ghost Mannequin Services Companies-

  1. FixAnyPhoto
  2. Fixthephoto
  3. Tradexcel Graphics Limited
  4. Path Edits
  5. Cloud Retouch


Ghost Mannequin

You know what’s awesome? FixAnyPhoto – they’re like the superheroes of Ghost Mannequin Services! Not only do they offer top-notch quality at pocket-friendly prices, but their team of pros is always ready to make your product shots look super-duper fantastic. What makes them stand out? They pay attention to every tiny detail, and their commitment to making you, the customer, jump for joy is simply unmatched. And guess what? They’ve got this incredible history of not just meeting but actually blowing away their clients’ expectations. Now, isn’t that something to smile about?


Wow, FixThePhoto has quite the journey! They’ve been rocking the photo editing scene since way back in 2003. Originally, they focused on portrait editing in Photoshop and GIMP, offering the basics. But fast forward to today, and they’re like the superheroes of online retouching!

They will seamlessly remove parts of a mannequin from the photos of clothes and accessories to make them look more professional.

Tradexcel Graphics Limited

ghost mannequin

Tradexcel Graphics Limited, with over 15 years of experience, is a top-tier Ghost Mannequin Services Company headquartered in the UK, with a global reach. They’re known for high-quality services, top-notch customer support, and innovative digital Ghost Mannequin technology.

So, if you’re in the market for top-quality Ghost Mannequin Services, these folks are worth a closer look!

Path Edits

ghost mannequin

Path Edits is your go-to choice for top-notch Mannequin Services. They’ve got the experience, and they’ve got the smiles from satisfied customers to prove it! Path Edits is your go-to for best ghost mannequin services that won’t make a dent in your wallet. Their team? Oh, they’re a bunch of real pros. That’s why folks can’t get enough of their top-notch work in this field. When you need mannequin services that are both awesome and budget-friendly, these are the folks to call.

The coolest part? They’re always there to chat and answer your questions. Super friendly. People all over the globe love them and recommend their services. 

Cloud Retouch

ghost mannequin

Cloud Retouch is your go-to for top-quality yet affordable and best Ghost Mannequin Services. Their expert team takes customer satisfaction seriously, always going the extra mile. What sets them apart? Their sharp attention to detail and a track record of exceeding client expectations. You’re in for some fantastic photo magic!

Ghost Mannequin Retouching Service Companies and Pricing

CompaniesDaily CapacityCustomer SupportExperiencePrice per Photo
FixAnyPhoto12,00024/7 by Email10+ years$.80 Minimum
Fixthephoto12,00024/7 by Email17+ years$10
Tradexcel Graphics Limited11,00024/7 by Email5+ years$41
Path edits8,00024/7 by Email6+ years$93.89
Cloud Retouch10,00024/7 by Email6+ years$0.99 Minimum

Each of these companies is like a treasure chest of its own, filled with amazing photos, Well, there you go. The perfect pick for you really boils down to your individual needs and desires. Whether you’re all about the years of experience, the jaw-dropping daily capacity, the 24/7 customer support, or some budget-friendly prices – one of these fantastic retouching companies is bound to have your back. So, get ready for some fantastic retouching adventures ahead!

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